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Hey everyone and welcome to, Today buzz advice, today we're going to learn about how can I be motivated daily! now let's begin.

Number one: actualize your goals

what drives you forward in life what goals inspire you to work harder to dream bigger and to pursue your own definition of success, whether you're going back to school or making that terrifying leap into a new career your future depends on your ability to stay motivated, not every once in a while not just once a week you need to stay motivated every single day because your future never takes a day off every day you waste doing nothing is an opportunity that you'll never get back it's a chance to make progress to accomplish something new or to push the boundaries on what you're capable of, luckily there's an easy motivational blueprint you can use to keep your fire burning on a daily basis by putting these strategies into action you can boost your productivity and achieve your dreams way ahead of schedule, the good news is if you've made it this far then you've already started working on your blueprint because the first step to finding daily motivation is to actualize your goals, in other words you'll never find success with vague pie-in-the-sky fantasies about your future if you want to take your life to the next level then you need to make your goals specific and you need to make them real, ok, let's say that you love studying sea creatures and you want to spend the rest of your life learning about the ocean you might say something like ,I just want to stare at fish for a living, but that's not really a concrete goal you're not giving yourself a career path or molding a realistic future so what should you do instead decide right then and there to be a marine biologist pick a specific program that you want to apply for or find a research center that you want to intern with because the more concrete you are the or ingrained those goals become in your future they're not just fantasies or pipe dreams anymore their definitive stages in your life stages that you're slowly but surely working your way towards that alone can be a huge source of motivation, many people are intimidated by feelings of aimlessness you don't know where you're going you don't know if you're making the right calls so you hesitate and you stop pushing but when you actualize your goals and view your life and concrete stages then your life doesn't feel aimless it feels fixed and organized you know what it takes to reach your goals so you know for the most part that you're heading in the right direction that powerful mindset is the perfect foundation for the rest of your blueprint but it also gives you this unique feeling of stability which plays a huge role in your daily motivation so actualize your goals make them as specific as you can because every concrete decision creates a more powerful vision of your future.

Number two: routine missions

In the next part of your blueprint you're going to incorporate short-term objectives called missions into your daily life, a mission is something that you're trying to accomplish right now earlier you outline specific goals for your future right, well each mission is going to take you one step closer to those goals some missions will only take you a couple of days other missions will require weeks of time and effort but all of your missions will push you to the next stage of your long-term plan, now before you start setting daily missions there are two important things that you need to remember first you need to keep your missions both doable and demanding this idea is called the Goldilocks rule you don't want your missions to be too big or you'll lose motivation you'll destroy your own productivity but if your missions are too small you won't make any real progress and your work ethic will fade so it's critical that you find a happy medium mission that's just right in other words you want to create missions that offer you a challenge without making you feel overwhelmed, the second important thing to remember is this you should be thinking about your mission every single day many successful people incorporate their missions into their daily routine first thing in the morning or right before bed they take a few minutes to hone in on their current objective they use that time to track their progress and remind themselves where this mission is going to take them thinking about your mission for as little as 10 minutes a day can help you stay motivated because it keeps your eye on the prize, now keep in mind that your mission and your to-do list are very different things to-do lists contain everything from chores to busy work you use them to keep track of the things you want to do and the things you have to do, while some of those responsibilities might nudge you closer to your long-term goals that's not really the point of a to-do list missions on the other hand are always substantial steps toward your future, now your blueprint started with large-scale long-term goals these goals give you direction and purpose but routine missions help you step on the gas and to gather momentum, so start incorporating missions into your daily routine because each mission will make your motivation that much stronger.

Number three: creates inspiration

You know where you're going and you know how to get there so now it's time to get inspired to put yourself in a creative and productive state of mind mmm but this can be tricky, if you're not used to finding inspiration you may not know where to look many people search for their Muse in all the wrong places they visit time wasters like the internet and social media they sink hours into mindless entertainment or invest tons of money into things they don't need but instead of inspiring you these distractors hold you back they decrease your motivation and take time away from your mission maybe time wasters aren't your problem maybe you make this very common mistake instead lots of people use inspiration as an excuse to procrastinate they'll stall for days or weeks at a time but if you ask them why they'll say they're just waiting for their next great idea successful people know that inspiration doesn't randomly fall into your lap you have to actively find ways to inspire yourself you have to discover people places and ideas that light your fire that's why the next part of our motivational blueprint is to find inspiration every single day you need to set aside some time in the morning or evening to acquire new knowledge or explore new perspectives stimulating your mind is one of the best ways to get inspired so whenever you're stuck in a rut read play brain games or listen to a new speaker or podcast if mental stimulation isn't your thing quiet reflection can also be incredibly inspiring many people use yoga and meditation to tune out the world and focus solely on their thoughts even a stroll through nature can be a much needed source of mental clarity, ok if you still don't know where to start you can also use your long term aspirations as a jumping-off point you've spent some time refining your goals but you're probably not the first person to set them chances are there are several successful people who have already paved the way so listen to their advice and try to follow in their footsteps because years ago those successful people were stuck in the same position that you are right now, they sat at home wondering what the future had in store for them but they found their inspiration they chase their passions and they realize their dreams so let their journey inspire you to embark on a journey of your own.

Number four: celebrated on time

For the fourth and final section let's talk about celebration after you've completed a challenging mission or satisfied a long-term goal there's one thing you should always do reward yourself because rewards encourage you to keep achieving they push you to put in the long hours and encourage you to make the right sacrifices when your self-discipline starts to slip rewards are also a quick and easy way to get yourself back on track but many people make the mistake of celebrating too early okay let's say you just finished a project that you've been working on for months to reward all your hard work you could start by telling people about it you could show your project to your friends and family because their support will give you even more motivation moving forward but what if you haven't finished yet what if you've just started working toward your goal it's tempting to spill the beans right off the bat when you're excited about a project you want to brag about it to everyone who will listen but this bad habit actually hurts your motivation why is that, well because you're rewarding yourself for something you haven't earned you're celebrating a goal that you haven't accomplished and without that reward you'll have less motivation moving forward, so if you want to build your daily drive then just keep your accomplishments under wraps think of it like practicing self-control you could tell people right away you could take credit for something you haven't finished and it might feel good for a little bit but instead you're resisting the urge and you're focusing on the long-term this will not only preserve your motivation it'll make your big reveal that much more rewarding.