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Why you should avoid hugging your dog!A teenage girl was left needing 40 stitches after a photoshoot with her friend's dog

A girl hugged her friend's dog for a video shoot when he bit her in the face, leaving her in need of 40 stitches, Lara Sanson, from the northwest of Argentina, was posing with Kenai, her pal's German Shepherd when he unexpectedly bit her in the face.

The 17-year-old refused to permit the dog to be killed after the attack, All of this was captured on the camera as Lara enthusiastically lies on the floor near Kenai, until the photograph shows his face in his mouth.

The image shows Lara, who lives in Tucuman Province in North West Argentina, with her eyes closed and her face screwed as Kenai's jaws are on one side of her face. 

Lara said to the local paper, La Nacion, "I don't know if I touched her hip, or if she responded like that because she was old, or because I tried to hug her and scared her."

Lara had to have about 38 stitches in a two-hour operation following the attack. They were both internal and external, all the way down to her cheeks.

While she was stitched up now, she was left with the cuts on one side of her face.
The teenage girl said she didn't really feel much pain when Kenai bit her, or when she left the operating theater.

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