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You can now shock your partner when he snores with this device

We living in a time with smartphones, amazing technology, the same day of delivery and crazy medical advancements. With all of these amazing technological advances, we are still suffering from something that plagues almost 1 in 4 people every night of their lives. Snoring is probably the greatest cause of a bad night's rest that leads to a stressful morning. Well, dear friends, the future is here because there is eventually a discovery that is here to put an end to obstructive sleep apnea (snorting).

In fact, some situations of snoring can lead to respiratory diseases and discomfort. The sleep disorder can lead to a wide range of issues that affect your daily lives.

It is, in actuality, a major issue affecting anyone who wants to share a bed with loud snores. It can create problems that begin to get compounded. Several married people sleep in separate rooms if the issue is too much to deal with.

Finally, there is a solution that has a rather strange procedure to be effective.

The Somnibel is a tool about the size of half an egg. It's a rechargeable tool that you stick to your forehead before you sleep if you snore.

It has rounded edges and is very small and lightweight, making it a little comfortable to wear depending on the manufacturer. 

The tool is also hypoallergenic and can be programmed to meet the needs of the patient. So how do the small cyclops that look like headgear work? Ok, well ...

It shocks you in the head if you slide to your back. This tool shocks you in order to recruit you to move back on your side. You could even set the amount of shock you're sending out. This totally blows my mind. We're approaching a new decade, and that is the best approach someone has come up with to avoid snoring...

Do you have a serious case of snoring? Are you living with somebody who keeps you awake all night because of their snoring? Ok, with any of these products above, you can at least laugh at the device stuck on their forehead all night, as it shocks them in their sleep. You may not sleep much better, but at least you're going to laugh. You can find a bunch of anti-snorting products on Amazon by clicking here.