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اخر الاخبار

We know that opening doors is boring, here's the solution!

Hero's Armory is a company that was founded in 2015 by Brian Hermansen & Blake Peel. It's specialized in transforming your plain old house keys into unique sword-shaped keys that look like things from your favorite RPG fantasy video. 

Hero's Armory was the outcome of a successful campaign by Kickstarter which was funded by thousands of backers.

A single key will set you back $12.98 and any fantasy nerd will recognize them in a number of different designs, from the Hero's sword from The Legend of Zelda to the Final Fantasy Gunblade Revolver.

The Hero's Armory founders state the business was born out of a desire to hang on to something that always reminded them of their childhood heroes.

Hero's Armory provides all of their styles in Kwikset and Schlage forms, and the Yale and Weiser forms of keys are limited in size.

And if you're not happy with a key, the company also manufactures innovative video game-inspired tie clips, USB drives, and bottle openers.

Learn more Hero’s Armory atHerosArmory.com/pages/about-us!