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"I only had some bother due to the inflammation and eating problems," Lara explained.

Vet Juan Enrique Romero told La Nacion that the pet dog may have reacted like this because of the pain he was in.

"Its pains are growing and a pain could have generated this reaction," Juan said

Even though she's been through an ordeal, Lara doesn't want Kenai to be killed.
She even shared the photos online, capturing the set ' a photo shoot that goes horribly wrong. ' The post has already collected more than 300,000 likes.

We all adore our pets and, as we have with people, we sometimes show our love by showering our precious pets with hugs. Few of us avoid seeing the responses of our canine companions to these displays of affection, but if we did, most of us would find our dogs chewing, yawning, pawing, or displaying other nervous signals. The fact of the matter is, pets don't really like to hug out as human beings do, and your dog is likely to interpret a warm embrace as confusing, if not threatening, behavior

Offering some advice, one user commented on the post:
"A dog should never be hugged from the neck, don't put your face close to it, as their instinct tells them you're going to attack them, the neck is the most vulnerable part of a dog.
" Glad it wasn't worse.
 "Someone else added:" It's a matter of education.
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