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We know that opening doors is boring, here's the solution!
Hero's Armory is a company that was founded in 2015 by Brian Hermansen & Blake Peel. It's specialized in transforming your ...
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Finally, after being saved, he finds love. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen.
Sadly all animals on this planet don't have a great opportunity to have a warm bed, a tasty dinner, and a caring family. Many poor pooc...
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Find out what your dog looks like 100 years ago
today buzza dvice 27 January 2020
One hundred years earlier, dogs such as  Boxer, English Bulldog, and Dachshund have been well-proportioned, super healthy, and physically ...
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Kylie Jenner challenge goes wrong, but this time it's a baby
today buzza dvice 23 January 2020
A mother was criticized by social media people who said she let her kid play the  Kylie Jenner lip challenge after a millipede bite swelle...
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Thomas Chelbi was right when he said "war changed men" Here are 9 pictures of soldiers before, during and after the war
today buzza dvice 20 January 2020
Photographs often speak louder than stories: by creating a time-lapse portrait series of soldiers before, after and during the war, La...
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Artist re-imagines Hollywood stars as Disney characters, and the results are amazing.
today buzza dvice 19 January 2020
Ukraine-born painter Helen Morgun gave us a gorgeous illustration series that we didn't know we needed. She s actually-imagined our...
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Why you should avoid hugging your dog!A teenage girl was left needing 40 stitches after a photoshoot with her friend's dog
today buzza dvice 18 January 2020
A girl hugged her friend's dog for a video shoot when he bit her in the face, leaving her in need of 40 stitches, Lara Sanson, from...
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The Scary Facts About your Deep Mind
today buzza dvice 04 January 2020
image from vecteezy Today we're going to learn about 13 creepy facts about your deep mind Number 1: cannibals in your brain Wh...
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